About us

About Chocoduce

We at CHOCODUCE live by the belief system of creating every hamper, every chocolate with such care and love, that every 

single creation leaves an everlasting impression on you once purchased or gifted.

Chocolates are a stress buster, a mood changer, a vital part of our daily lives. If you are happy,

you deserve something chocolaty to celebrate, if you are in a fight or low mood, you need it as a booster.


A Phd professional  turned  into a chocolate entrepreneur, chocolate diva and an avid writer.  

 “Imagine yourself being gifted something like a Chocolate make up kit, chocolate jungle, chocolate lenskart, chocolate kitchen set.. will you not be awestruck ?”  


Lekhika Mehta (Founder)

Objective - Client Happiness

 “Keep doing that extra bit for your client, let the smile of 440V pass on and let the happiness talk on its own for the work we do”.
— Lekhika Mehta (Founder) 

Get a dish created with your choice of
theme & flavor,  we will go ahead and add it to our catalog with your name !!

Mission Chocoduce

“Let us showcase chocolates in a different way to the world, it is “JUST not chocolate BUT it is a whole world to be explored and presented in ways never imagined before”  

—     Lekhika Mehta (Founder) 

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